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Chronicles of Never

Riding on the strength of its pieces, and not the models, Chronicles of Never produced this unique poltergeist presentation for this season's collection entitled ‘Into the void/ed'. The models were carefully photoshopped out leaving a very strong modern man’s collection with a fine combination of rugged and sophisticated pieces. While long hair is seemingly all it takes to make it as a model, there’s some brands who want a little more from their models. Apparently, Gareth Moody wanted a little too much as he ended up cutting out the middleman altogether –as you can see from the pictures. His Australian collection is a departure from the norm for Chronicles of Never, incorporating lots of -muted- colors and contrasting fabrics this season, for the most part earth tones, dusty reds, burnt browns, sand, ash, creams, bones all of which tell a major part of the story. Being summer the main bones of the collection is of course lighter fabrics, cotton cashmere, linen, twills, or feather weight suedes. The collection was inspired by moods and emotions from various sources, firstly being somewhat of a reaction to itself, a departure from the dark. Secondly, inspired by Yves Klein's image 'The leap into the void', the range is somewhat of a leap of faith for Chronicles of Never, a movement into a new creative space, a new direction in fabrications and silhouettes and colors as a homage to the Earth.