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Petar Petrov

Colors took central stage at Petar Petrov’s collection, from dark shades of blue to lovely hues of pastels. A slightly boxier silhouette dominated the collection, hinting at a relaxed season with a carefree attitude, implied by the models’ smiling faces -something rare enough to mention. The simplicity of the designs and loose cuts certainly complemented the monochromatic and color combinations styles. You'll appreciate the burgundy suit made of heavy jersey for a modern look that's not too casual. The offering was also full of impressively well-tailored separates. This was a sign of the Vienna-based Bulgarian designer’s maturity without losing who he is as a designer. The cuts, details and proportions were very interesting and kept the originality on each piece, as well as using elements like cropped tops and sexy shorts. The silhouettes were dapper without being too foppish and stylish without trying too hard. The mix between high and low culture elegance and street life. A good choice in any circumstances.