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Lou Dalton

Gypsies, tramps and thieves reads like a list of people to whom French immigration say no. But while the Romany may be the sworn enemy of dad-to-be Nicolas Sarkozy, they provided inspiration for Lou Dalton 's nomadic collection. Gypsies' bad reputation may be redeemed however if this wearable showing was anything to go by : batik prints, tailored jackets, trousers and shorts with rough edges (some in denim), old Italian army-style boots, a palette of blacks, grays, olive and khaki, plus some hot pink flashes and good use of contrast panels to keep it interesting. That's travelling in style. The designer has a general passion for classic tales of rags to riches, mostly those explored through the wonderful tale "Wuthering Heights". There was something of the crumpled yet refined elegance of Lanvin in the relaxed silhouettes and deceptively casual layering. Lou Dalton ’s impeccable craftsmanship and passion for quality was indisputable and this season's collection boasted a vaguely ethnic print that enlivened proceedings and gave her artisitc fashion a raw edge.