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Nicolas Petrou presented this season's collection at Soho House in the Meat Packing district of New York. Taking place in a quaint little drinking room adorned in leather couches and walls of books, the boys played classic board games, ate cake and read books. Some caged in by larger than life top-half body braces littered in confetti and colored images gave the already colorful and print-heavy collection so much of a feast for the eyes. But Petrou\Man is about precise tailoring, fit and proportions, many people confuse the styling with the actual clothing. The collection consisted of traditional menswear and classics that the NYC-based Cypriot designer worked on to change the proportions, the textures, the combinations of fabrics and the fit with alot of hand-finish detailing including hand-dyed tartan suits and embroidered shirts and jackets celebrating the nomads much used tool : the humble safety pin. The washed fabrics, soft denim tailoring, hand-sewn madras and 1950s-inspired tribal cuts -combined with twill and high-tech touches to maximize garments’ breathability and sportswear fusion- came together beautifully to create a collection to truly covet. Nicolas Petrou mixed fabrics and prints with great skill and his demonstration of craftsmanship couldn't stop surprising buyers.