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Madonna's 50th B'day Party Fashion

Madonna and Guy Ritchie in 50th Birthday Party fashion
Ten years ago, Madonna turned Forty.  It was, of course, a huge affair, as Madonna was (and still is) synonymous with celebrity, and cantankerous pop culture theorists found it a staggering victory on her part that she still managed to be relevant at such an age.  Everywhere, the news of her birthday was upon us.  It was almost akin to the 2000 countdown.

This was 1998, before reality TV had killed the video star. VH1 made sure its viewers stayed well aware of the impending milestone by flickering "Madonna Turns 40 in some Hours" across younger incarnations of the singer wriggling onscreen. Then she turned 40, and to the shock of the entertainment world it didn't seem to change anything.

Things have changed. Madonna turned 50, and uptill this she is looking quiet young. You can see her body structure, hairstyle, dressing, jewelry : Every thing is looking perfect. If I am wrong then please comment. Regards, (Admin)