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Romain Kremer

Always one to push himself and his audience into the future unknown, French designer Romain Kremer continued his quest. This time he wasn’t so focused on what life will look like in a distant future but more elements of contemporary times. Saying that, there were a few garments in this season's collection that felt a bit "The 5th element", but in a good way. Straps and built proof vest details were definitely part of the look. First in all white, then easing into navy, Romain Kremer showed a section of robes before launching into white, gray and beige stripy jackets. A new direction came with the introduction of beige linen, contrasted with orange nylon. Paired up with his Mykita sunglasses, Romain Kremer’s final segment was a beautifully simple take on his flirt with futuristic but natural, garments : sombrero hats, designed by Christophe Coppens, with massive mosquito nets in neon yellow finished a strong collection.